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Troels' Home Page

Welcome to my home page, which is a mixed cocktail of things that have captured my interest. See if it captures yours as well.

Programming is both my interest and my career. See my C# page and Delphi page where you can download free utility programs and components.

Ever heard of bookmarklets? They are small utilities that make your browser more powerful. Basically a bookmarklet is some Javascript code that can be stored as a favorite/bookmark. When you later select the bookmarklet, the script code executes on the web page currently loaded into your browser. This means that you can manipulate (almost) any page you like, allowing you to do things such as highlight specific words, change the page's colors and fonts, generate a list of the links, sort tables by columns, translate selected words, etc. etc. All with a single mouse click. I've created my own separate home page on bookmarklets.

Another subject which I've taken a fancy to is complex adaptive systems - a scientific area bordering to chaos theory. I've made a sandpile simulator (in Delphi) which visualizes some principles of complex adaptive systems - and it's fun to watch too. Broaden your mind, learn about complex adaptive systems and sandpiles. Perhaps you want to download the simulator also.

Related to the sandpiles are my ramblings on artificial life. The two areas overlap in some areas.

Did I hear anyone say genetic algorithms? I've attempted to make an introduction to the subject. It comes with an example program. Additionally I talk about classifier systems.

Updated 13 Nov 2015
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