My Bookmarklets

The bookmarklets are divided into these categories:

The bookmarklets have been tested with various browser versions (Explorer 5.5, 6; Netscape 4.7, 6, 7; Opera 7), but only on Windows - not on Mac, Linux, or what have you. Report any errors to me.

A NOTE ABOUT POPUPS: Some bookmarklets open new browser windows. If you're using a popup killer there's a chance those bookmarklets won't function properly. Likewise, if you're using Opera, your preferences must allow popup windows to be created for those bookmarklets to work. Netscape appears to be intelligent (or dumb) enough to handle the bookmarklets correctly regardless of your popup settings. If you use the Google toolbar as a popup blocker, you can press the Ctrl key while selecting a bookmarklet to allow it to create a new window.

Do you have a good idea for a bookmarklet? Suggestions are very welcome.

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Updated 13 Apr. 2006