Import Bookmarklets

If you use Internet Explorer or Opera you can import the bookmarklets found at this site.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below matching your browser version. A new folder called "Bookmarklets" will be added to your Favorites/Bookmarks menu. It will contain all bookmarklets found at this site, arranged into subfolders. You can then rearrange the imported bookmarklets and delete those you don't want. Only bookmarklets supported by your browser version are imported.

Import to Internet Explorer

Unfortunately it appears that IE 6.0 in Windows XP SP2 no longer supports the ability to import bookmarks. But if you're not using that version of IE, then simply click this link: Import to IE.

Import to Opera 7 or later

Copy this URL:
From the "File" menu, select "Import", select "Opera bookmarks".
Paste the URL into the file dialog and press OK. The bookmarklets are imported without confirmation. It may take a little while.

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Updated 13 Apr. 2006