Bookmarklet Links

Many search engines, like Google, offer a search bookmarklet. They work by performing a search on a piece of text you have selected on a page.

The most common type of bookmarklets link to functionality provided by a particular site. Bookmarklets of this type offer keyword search on WWW (search engines), keyword lookup (dictionary functionality), and HTML validation of your pages, among other things. We will probably see a lot more of these kinds of bookmarklets, as they offer a convenient shortcut to various WWW services which their owners are more than happy to promote.

Most of these bookmarklets function like this: Select some text on the page, then run the bookmarklet. The bookmarklet will contact a specific site which makes a service available. This service can be virtually anything - stock quotes lookup, articles search, dictionary lookup, translations, spell checking, address search on names, WWW domain name availabilty, price check on various shopping items, etc. etc.

Bookmarklet Collections

The kinds of bookmarklets mentioned above are found at sites which generally only supply one bookmarklet targeted at the specific service they offer. Not many sites offer a more versatile collection of ready-to-use bookmarklets (which is the reason I created my own site). But some do. I recommend these sites. - Lots of bookmarklets, though somewhat dated. Created by Steve Kangas, who is considered to be the inventor of bookmarklets.
Jesse's Bookmarklets Page - Advanced bookmarklets for power users. And lots of them.
Functional Bookmarks - Mostly the kind of search bookmarklets mentioned above, but some very nice developer bookmarklets too.
jalarie: Bookmarklets - Misc. bookmarklets. - Bookmarklets - Web developer bookmarklets.
Manni's Bookmarklets - Various bookmarklets and some advice on strings.
Bookmarklets for Opera - For Opera and other browsers as well.
Accessibility favelets - Bookmarklets to help you assess how accessible your web pages are. - bookmarklets - Some very cool developer bookmarklets.
Opera7Wiki:BookMarklets - Opera bookmarklets.
Bookmarklets - 4umi - Conversion formula bookmarklets (geometry, temperatures, weight, etc.) and other nice things.
Favelets that work in Safari - Something for the Safari users.

Search, Validation, and Translation Bookmarklets

These are the kinds of keyword search bookmarklets mentioned above. I have made my own versions of some of them.

Google - Search the WWW - Dictionary lookup
Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Dictionary lookup's Webopedia - Encyclopedia lookup
Gazingus - HTML-, stylesheet-, and accessibility validation of your pages.
Book-Worm - Launches a price comparison page for each ISBN number (up to five) found on the current page.

Articles on Bookmarklets

Most of the sites featuring articles on bookmarklets don't go beyond a simple introduction and a link to A few provide additional insight, though. I recommend these:

Bookmarklets - - A thorough introduction to writing your own bookmarklets.
Bookmarklets Introduction - A simple introduction.

Bookmarklet Editors

I of course recommend my own Bookmarklet Builder (it features automatic syntax checking, indentation and formatting for easy editing, and simple testing), but I've also come across other editors:

Bookmarklet Builder - By Doc Javascript. A very simple editor. With banner ads.
Bookmarklet Editor - By jalaire. Somewhat buggy, but it has some nice enhanced features.
4umi Bookmarkledit - A variant of my own editor. Used an old version of my formatting logic the last time I looked (December 2003).


Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide - An extensive Javascript manual.
JavaScripting Essentials - A good guide for getting started with Javascript. - Tutorials, manuals, scripts, demos, resources...
JavaScripting Source - Lots of nice scripts. Use them for inspiration. FAQ - A good beginner's reference on how to do common tasks in Javascript.
Dynamic Drive DHTML - Nice Javascript and DHTML.
JavaScript Kit - More scripts and tutorials.
DevGuru JavaScript Index - Index of Javascript methods, properties, events, operators.

Other Links

Roppers / Bookmarklets - An interesting approach to accessing your bookmarklets - having them embedded in a "popup menu" on the page. This eliminates problems with frames and limitations in script length.

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Updated 13 Apr. 2006