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C# Stuff

Various C# programs and class libraries. All of the projects are VS2010 or newer.

More stuff will be added as I convert some of my unreleased Delphi stuff to C# (in fact, I'm currently working on a Delphi to C# converter).

Name Version Description
FileOperations 1.0.0 A utility class for copying, moving, and deleting files and folders via Windows' built-in file management. It allows you to display the system progress dialogs and send items to the Recycle Bin.
VS Solution Creator 1.2.0 A utility class for creating Visual Studio solutions and projects. Supports various versions of Visual Studio, various .Net frameworks, and C# and VB.Net languages. It works via automation, ie. by integrating with Visual Studio, meaning Visual Studio must be installed.
PixelsToExcel 1.0.0 A program which pixelates an image and exports it to Excel as cells. Requires Excel to be installed. [Screenshot]
Reg-file Visualizer 1.0.1 A program that loads a registry file (*.reg) and displays it as a tree structure. [Screenshot]
Monty Hall Problem 1.0.0 A simulator for the famous Monty Hall problem.
Analog Clock 1.0.0 This is a WPF custom control library containing an analog clock control. I don't know how useful it is, but if nothing else it demonstrates a few basic WPF animation techniques. [Screenshot]
Travelling Salesman 2.0.0 The classic travelling salesman problem, solved via a genetic algorithm. [Screenshot]

Updated 13 Nov 2015
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