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I've managed to build up a small collection of Delphi programs, components, and utilities. Below are listed the best of those. The Delphi source code is included (most will work in C++ Builder as well) and it's all free.

I included executable file(s) with most of the zip-files to give you a quick overview and to enable non-Delphi users to use the applications.

[NOTE: I am no longer maintaining my Delphi code. There will be no new versions of my components.]

Name Version Description
CoolTrayIcon 4.4.0 By far my most popular Delphi component. It's a comprehensive component for adding icons to the traybar, allowing you to put a tray icon in your own programs. Lots of features. 8 demos are included. Delphi 2009/2010 version can be found here.
HotKeyManager 1.7.1 A component that allows you to add system hotkeys to your application. A system hotkey allows your app. to invoke a custom action from anywhere. Your app. doesn't have to be in the foreground or even visible. Full source code and 6 demos.
ShellLinker unit 2.0.0 A Delphi unit for handling system links (shortcuts). Allows you to easily create, read, and execute links. It can handle links to files, folders, or virtual objects like printers or system folders. Demo included.
CustomContextMenu 2.0.0 An abstract class that makes it easy to create your own context menu handler (so you can add menu items to the menu you get when you right-click a file or folder). Can handle selection of multiple items. You can add owner-drawn meu items. Demos and install-scripts included.
SimpleTimer class 2.0.4 SimpleTimer is a timer class. It has the same timer resolution as TTimer, but it is more lightweight, using less resources. This makes it ideal for developers who need a timer in their own components or applications, but want to keep the resource usage minimal. Demo included. Also distributed with CoolTrayIcon.
InterAppComm 1.0.0 Two components, a sender and a receiver, which can communicate between separate applications on the same machine. The communication occurs conveniently through the use of events. Demos included.
Version Info 1.0.0 An add-in to the Windows context menu (created before I created CustomContextMenu). Upon installation, when you right-click one or more files containg a version number an additional menu item is shown containing the version number(s) for quick reference. Can be handy if you need to compare files. [Screenshot]
Control Panel demo 1.0.0 Demonstrates how to make a Control Panel applet. Full source code. Probably somewhat dated, since it is easier to create applets in Delphi nowadays.
Disk Free Monitor 1.0.6 A utility for the Windows traybar. It is a tray icon that shows free disk space and enables you to select drives from a popup menu. Ready to use.
Bmk2Fav and Fav2Bmk 1.0.1 Two utilities to convert your Netscape bookmarks to Internet Explorer favorites, and vice versa. Newer versions of the browsers have this feature built in, so these utilities are no longer useful. I just include them in case you want to study the source code.
Wallpapers 1.0.1 A silly little program that randomly changes your desktop wallpaper on startup. Comes in a windowed and a non-windowed version.
Sandpiles 1.0.2 A sandpile simulator with documentation. Click here for further information on sandpiles.
Travelling Salesman 1.1.1 The classic travelling salesman problem, solved via a genetic algorithm.

Updated 13 Nov 2015
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